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   Biological Science
Upon completion of the Biological Science major, students will:
1. Demonstrate comprehension of and the capability to develop and apply the “Scientific Method” to the (a) solution of a problem and (b) the expansion/extension of knowledge.
2. Demonstrate attainment of the basic, fundamental, factual, evidentiary body of knowledge that encompasses the field of the biological sciences; i.e. physical biology, chemical biology, systematic biology, diversity biology, genetic biology, historical biology, and comprehensive biology.
3. Demonstrate the attainment of the system of applied, useful, relevant-to-life-issues type of knowledge related to biology and its practical significance and implementation; i.e. medical, environmental, zoological, botanical, industrial, educational, biotechnical, etc.
4. Demonstrate comprehension of the major theoretical constructs within the field of biological science; i.e. origins theories (evolution, special creation), cell theory, metabolism theory, ontogeny, systematics, organismic theory, life theory, etc.
5. Demonstrate competent and proficient capability to search, find, review, and research the major professional literature of the biological sciences; i.e. journals, monographs, personal communication, on-line/Internet, archives, etc.
6. Demonstrate proficiency in laboratory skill, techniques, methodology, and selection such that data collection and the data so collected are valid and reliable; included are microscope skills, dissection skills, chemical skills, physiologic skills, molecular biology skills, field skills, physics skills, etc.
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