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   Curricular Activity
The institution arranges a yoga Certificate programme to bring all the students under one platform so as to prepare them mentally to involve in various training programmes and activities with full enthusiasm and zeal
Orientation on Lesson plan
Resource student teachers are explored on Lesson plan, Components of Lesson plan, Steps in Preparation of Lesson plan, various format of Lesson plan, Instructional Objectives of Lesson plan etc.
Orientation on Test and Measurement
Test and measurement orientation is given to the students to design the question paper, drafting The Blue- print, and conducting achievement test during teaching practices. Statistical analysis of the achievement test marks so that to asses the teaching proficiency and to assess the how far the students have understood.
Workshop on
Teaching - Learning Material
Student – Teachers are motivated to prepare various Instructional materials like Charts, model OHP, Slides, Film strips, Flash cards, rotating chart, flow charts, matching board.
Orientation on Teaching practice
As the students have to undergo a 40 days rigorous internship to gain first hand experience in teaching and various schools around Salem. Either the Principal or head of the department explains them the principles to be strictly followed during these 40 days and also give their valuable inputs and guidance to complete their internship successfully without any hurdles.
Orientation on Cash study
Case study method in helpful in understanding and predicting the behavior of the individual. During teaching practice the student teachers prepare a case history of a student. The teacher educator explains the outline of a case study and steps to be followed like Identification of the problematic student, diagnosing the case, collecting the cumulative records of the students, son ducting the mental test and recommendations for the problem.
To develop reference skill and Writing skill, two assignment topic will be given to the students one is before teaching practice and another one after teaching practice.
To have in – depth knowledge in subject and know how to present a topic among the audience, Seminar topic is assigned to every individual student in all the papers. Each and every student should come forward and take the seminar to their peer team members. Concern staff members observe the teaching style of the student and give their feed back to correct their mistakes and proper guidance will be provided.
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