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A language is a medium of communication and interacting verbally in our day-to day life situation in family and society. Nowadays English has a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world. It has also a special identity in the field of education

• To develop the skill of speaking,
• To develop the skill of reading,
• To develop the skill of writing,
• To develop the skill of listening,
• To enable the students for the use of grammar correctly,
• To enable the students to analyze the element of language and establish the appropriate relationship among linguistic components.
• To acquire knowledge,
• To diagnose the weakness of speaking and writing English,
• To compare and illustrate linguistic components,
• To classify the elements of English language,
• To understand the meaning of prose, poetry, story and drama by reading.
In order to teach English correctly and properly English teacher must know the aims and objectives of teaching English.

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