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   Physical Science

The physical sciences generally consist of inorganic fields such as physics, chemistry. Good science education is true to the child, true to life and true to science. Science education is the field concerned with sharing science content and process with individuals not traditionally considered part of the scientific community.
understand the nature and scope of Physical Science

1. know the aims and objectives
2.understand the principles of curriculum construction and organization of subject matter
3.understand the skills in the teaching of Physical Science and to develop the skills in them through classroom teaching
4. in acquiring skills relating to planning their lessons and presenting them effectively
5.an understanding of the technology of teaching Physical Science and give them practice in the use of audio visual aids
6.understand the techniques of evaluating Science teaching and to construct achievement test to evaluate the progress of pupils
7.develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the various methods and techniques of teaching Physical Science and the importance of self-learning devices
8. estimate the facilities required for the organization and maintenance of Science laboratory
9. understand the criteria in selecting a good textbook and to evaluate a Science textbook.
10. organize different co-curricular activities in Science
11.understand the special qualities of a good Science teacher, acquire those qualities and to evaluate himself or herself
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